Introducing Student Portal 2.0

Long gone are the days when we could tell you what to do. We did realize that we were not your parents. But even if we were... We couldn't do much about that, anyway. You are a student now! A student who enjoys his or her freedom to do and experience this world on your very own.

However, just like your parents we wish you well and want to give you everything that's in our power to make your life easier. Therefore, we are introducing this...

Student Portal 2.0 ...and why not another .0 (smile)

So, What's New?

Yes, as you noticed we have totally revamped the functionality of this site. (And we are not talking just about our logo.) We made the site more interactive and feature-rich. And although we are in our early BETA stage and some things don't work as expected, we are sure that you will thoroughly enjoy all the shiny things we have added to our services.

School- and Geo-Relation

Now, if you find a deal that is only available in your town or only for one specific school, be it your school or not, you can share and mark your clips with the school name or city it belongs to. This will allow us to build visual deal searches using map overlays. And before you asked... Yes, you guessed it right! We are planning on adding maps by the end of 2013, as soon as we collect enough Geo data to populate our map pins.

Pay Attention to the Colors

Yes, we went ahead and color coded a lot of things on our site. Just like you should to your school papers and binders to keep things manageable and easy to locate. If you pay attention soon you will realize that everything that's related to

We Are a Community

We have been and will be a community. This is our strength and we are spending more time making our community grow every day. You can totally expect to see more and more ways of interacting with other users. Our whole team is working on our own secret “social recipe”, which will completely change the way deals will be shared online. However, we are always open to suggestions. So, let's talk! Let's share!

And stay tuned!