Best Websites with Local Deals and Coupons

After conducting yet another survey on the subject of the most popular websites that help students find best local deals, the following services came in as our undeniably leading finalists.

#3 DealChicken

One of the newly emerging stars among local deal providers is DealChicken. This name has been popping up here and there more often than ever before. We invite you to visit the site by clicking on the image to the left. Find out for yourself why crowds are in love with this tireless chick that keeps on finding great deals for us over and over again.

#2 LivingSocial

Save up to 70% on LivingSocial deals!

When it comes to LivingSocial, these guys don't seise to amaze us. If you are one of those few, who have never heard about LS, then you should definitely give it a try. Go through a quick registration, set your location and enjoy daily deals delivered directly to your email. And if you choose to download their app on your smart phone, you will be able to share, purchase and redeem coupons with a click of a button. Forget that old printer and scissors.

#1 Google Offers

Google Offers is still the best of the best when it comes to saving a buck or two on local dining, entertainment and more. Sophisticated categorization. Multiple daily offers. What else can we say? Well... as usual, superb service from a superb provider!