Looking for Cheap Textbooks?

When it comes to saving money on college textbooks, you have quite a few options - search for deals online, buy used textbooks or simply rent them. Here we decided to list a few most popular-among-students places that will help you to save on textboks this year.

Skyo: "Textbooks - fast, easy and cheap"

On average a Skyo customer saves 70% on textbooks.

What is Skyo? Skyo is a website where you can buy or rent new, used and digital textbooks. With a great selection of over 6 million titles - you are bound to find what you need.


They provide you with an option of using flexible rental periods. You can also mark and highlight text in rented books. That's normal wear and tear. So, you study on your own terms and you choose what works best for you.


Skyo has low overhead costs, and works to ensure they are getting you the best deal. They source from all over so you don’t have to. To get the best deal, rent or buy textbooks early. Prices change daily and the availability of titles at present will be the key to your successful textbook hunt. Learn more and save on textbooks now at Skyo 

BookRenter: Free Shipping, Great Deals

Easy savings on rental and purchases

What is BookRenter? In spite of its name BookRenter is not only a place to rent textbooks, but also to buy them. Yes, just like Skyo they allow college students search, rent and buy new and used textbooks.


At BookRenter you can easily extend your rental period without any penalty fees. Most of the rentals will be shipped free of charge both ways. However when it comes to wear and tear, they are more strict than Skyo - "Firm cover with no noticeable damage. All pages must be intact (no creases, tears, or stains present). There can be minimal writing or highlighting, but no damage to the binding."

To get the best deal we recommend that you visit both sites and compare their offers. They get new titles every day and deals change as often. Visit BookRenter to learn more and save now